GDPR Information

Like everybody else, we are actively updating our systems to be fully GDPR compliant.



We store a very limited amount of personal data. Generally just contact information.

We DO NOT store any payment details such as Bank Account or Credit Card numbers. 

We DO NOT store any information relating to previous visits or bookings.

We DO NOT store any physical or bio metric data about you. 

Data is securely deleted on a monthly basis.


Our Booking System records Your name, email address, contact phone number, how much and how you paid for administrative purposes only. We do not record any details of the payment itself apart from the type .i., Cash or Card.

Information is securely deleted a maximum of three months after your experience date.

Booking / Consent Forms

This is a paper record of your visit with your signature and name on it. For Insurance purposes we have to keep these for 1 year. They are securely stored off site and destroyed with a cross cut shredder at the end of one calendar year. This is a paper record only.


If you have a question or comment please email  : I will get back to you just as fast as possible.


Owner & CEO

Parental Consent

If you want your child to be able to play without your presence you must complete the form below. (This form is ONLY valid for our Oculus Go Multiplayer Zones, All other areas with children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult)

To verify that it is an adult that has authorised this, we need to take the minimum payment of £10 against your Credit or Debit card. This credit can be used immediately against any Experience.

Please call us on 679500 after submitting the consent form. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Important Note

This not a booking or reservation. It is a Parental Consent form with pre payment. You can pre pay any value (like an account) for your child to use in the future. In this case a special Account Card will be sent to your address (please add this to "Anything else ..." box above)

To book a slot call us on 679500